When you hear about home solar panels, you’re thinking first of the installation and all the great energy efficiency benefits. You may not realize that the slope and angle of your roof and which direction it faces makes a difference in how much energy you can produce with your solar energy. If you’re starting to search for solar panel companies in Tampa looking for more information, continue reading to gain some insightful tips. And don’t bother with that search, as SEM Power in Tampa has all your solar panel installation needs. 


Your Roof’s Orientation and Angle

One of the primary focuses on securing your solar panels is figuring out the direction your roof faces. This fact ultimately determines how much sunlight you’re going to receive into your panels, and thus, energy for your home. For most installations, if your roof is south-facing, that will generate the most sunshine, while north-facing generally produces the least effective amount of energy. 


That being said, there are homes that have different direction-facing roofs that still generate plenty of energy with their panels. If you have west or east facing roofs, you may see a decrease in solar generation, upwards of 20%. But the panels can still do a pretty thorough job, you just may not be able to strictly use solar energy. If you’re not sure which direction your roof faces, try looking up your home in Google Maps, as it will show grids with each of the directions on there. And if you feel like your roof isn’t facing the right direction, don’t worry! There are still other options for solar, such as installing panels on a carport or ground panels, to still help you save. 


The angle of your roof plays a factor in maximizing your efficiency as well. Your solar energy system should ideally sit at an angle that is equal to the latitude of the location where it’s installed. If your roof has a pitch angle of around 30-45 degree angles, though, that also works. Overall, the angle of your roof plays less of a part in how much energy you can produce as opposed to your roof’s direction. 


Home Solar Panels

Regardless of your roof’s angle or direction, solar saves you money. Even if the angle of your roof is off a little to get you the maximum efficiency, you’re still going to be saving by having solar power. Ask any solar panel company in Tampa and they’ll agree that solar energy is on the rise in Florida, and all over the US.


Going solar in your home not only benefits you, but also the environment. With less production of traditional electric, big power plants are decreasing the necessity of so many production sites, while also decreasing the amount of emissions they send back out into the air. Although the cost of installing solar is a little steep at first, having solar panels obviously helps cut down or even eliminate your monthly utility bills later on, saving you the money you put into them in the first place. And if you do consider reselling your home down the road, solar energy will help give your home a boost in the market. 


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