Solar energy has been making its way across every industry. Commercial solar installation has expanded far beyond the typical urban areas and now are making way into rural and agricultural communities. This land is beneficial because the land is abundant and the owners can lease their land to create clean, pollution-free solar energy. At SEM Power we specialize in ground-mounted solar panels. We take pride in being one of the best solar companies in Florida.


Ground Mounted Solar Farms

Even though community solar farms provide many environmental benefits such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and pollution, it is not uncommon for communities to have concerns about the environmental impact these projects will have. In practice, early in the development stages, the potential impact on the immediate environment is assessed, and appropriate mitigation measures are planned.


Solar installers work closely with the local and, in some cases, federal Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to assess a project’s impact and get proper permitting. The environment is considered at every stage when building and operating a solar energy system. As we work through permitting and planning, we stay closely engaged with the landowners, attend local public meetings, and work within the community to address their concerns.


It Is Time To Plan For Ground Mounted Solar Panels

What site will work best? The very first step in the process is to perform an assessment from a topographic and geographic perspective. You must look at the condition of the soil, site conditions, flood plain location, presence of wetlands, and any habitats that may take place on the site. There must also be a consideration for access to the site and sight lines for nearby roads and neighboring property owners. Choosing the best site is important. Keep in mind that the systems will be operating for 20-25 years.


After the site and planning are complete, it is now time for the permit. There are various environmental reviews and discretionary permits that the local AHJ may require to move forward. In addition, we handle applications for town planning approvals and zoning permits, wetlands delineation, visual impact assessments, glare studies, archaeological studies, engineering reports for FEMA flood zones, findings from bat studies or other US Fish & Wildlife studies.


Next comes site preparation. Remember the point is to stay environmentally conscious. We work with the natural contours of the land to minimize grading. We don’t pave over farmland to install solar projects. Vegetation is typically just trimmed back so as not to shade the panels and impact the solar power generation.


We Are One of the Best Solar Companies in Florida

When it comes to ground mounted solar panels, we are the experts to count on. There are several factors to consider in order to receive the most cost and time efficient solar experience. SEM Power is a top Florida solar installer and features the best solar battery system. We are leading the charge when it comes to harnessing the power of battery technology, and we have made significant investments already. Call our professionals today for your solar battery solutions. We are specialized in solar battery storage and are ready to get you started for the future with one of the best solar panel companies in Florida!

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