Many homes and business are making the switch to solar panels. Commercial solar panels are energy efficient and also can save you a lot of money. At SEM Power, we are the professionals to trust when it comes to the best commercial solar panel companies in Florida.

 Commercial Solar Panel Installation In Florida

Have you ever heard of this phrase? This is a particularly appropriate idiom when applied to the decision about when to go solar. Today’s solar industry climate has never been more favorable for organizations looking to install a commercial solar energy system. And while the extended outlook for solar continues to be bright, when you consider all of the incentives and benefits currently available, there may never be a better time to make solar “hay.”

Think of big companies like IKEA, Apple, Costco, FedEx, and Verizon. They all recently made the switch to solar power. These companies have helped prove the viability of solar technology, demonstrating that it can provide efficient, low-cost energy production on an ever-growing scale. Now more than ever, solar is not only an environmentally responsible power choice, it is also a smart fiscal choice.

It seems organizations of all different sizes are adopting solar power. This means it is time for your company to take advantage of! We are one of the best solar panel companies in Florida.

 Commercial Solar Panels Benefits

What about money? Tapping into the forecasting skills of your organization’s finance experts can shed some light on the benefits of investing in solar power now. They can help you analyze things like:

  • Payback—How quickly the solar installation will pay for itself through energy cost savings.
  • Return on Investment (ROI)—Another calculation that evaluates how much you’ll save over the lifetime of the solar equipment.
  • Net Present Value (NPV)—A more detailed analysis of what your solar investment today would be worth in the future.
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)—A metric that helps you compare the financial benefits of going solar versus making some other type of investment.


Adopting a solar energy solution today is a public declaration of your willingness to invest in corporate social responsibility. People are increasingly aware of the impact different companies have on the environment. Many are even willing to pay more for products and services to support organizations they view as “green.” Once you have adopted solar as your energy choice, you will begin enjoying the long-term financial, as well as the almost immediate social benefits.


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