Solar panels can greatly assist with the efficiency of energy use in your business. It’s possible that you’ve considered taking your business solar once or twice, but were worried about the cost. This year may be your lucky year when it comes to having your business go solar. Over the last year, the price of solar panels has absolutely crashed, which has been a reduction in price enabled by both advancing technology as well as economies of scale. Installing a commercial solar panel, as it now stands, are now at cost ranges that put renewable energy within reach of many businesses. The actual cost estimate for a commercial solar power system will depend on many factors. Firstly, there’s the cost of the actual panels and associated equipment. Then, there’s the cost of installation and maintenance. There are many purchase strategies and government incentives that can bring down the upfront cost of solar purchase and installation, and net metering can potentially assist in offsetting your investment. Read on to learn more about how you can bring commercial solar panels to your business. For top Florida solar installers, contact SEM Power today!


Costs of Solar Panels


While what solar panels can cost remains the same, everything else is getting cheaper. For example, the installed cost of solar panels has dropped between 6 and 12 percent every year since 1998, with the most dramatic decreases happening after 2009, and “installed” refers to the entire cost of solar panels: equipment, installation, and maintenance. The majority of this price drop in residential and commercial solar panel costs isn’t related to the panels themselves. Panels become cheaper from technological advancements that slowly filter into the marketplace. This means that the cost of solar panels alone has held steady since about 2012, but everything else has changed. The inverters that convert DC into AC have decreased in price, for example, which helps to cut the cost of the solar installation as a whole, and since solar installations have increased quite a lot, solar companies such as Florida solar installers SEM Power have also become much better and faster at designing and installing commercial solar power systems. Basically, the reduced prices of equipment and expertise have cut the installed cost of solar down to an average of $2.71 to $3.57 per watt.


Affordable Commercial Solar Panels


There is also a business incentive to go solar with net metering. Now may be the perfect time to invest in solar for your business with time and tax credits bringing the cost of commercial solar panels lower and lower. The upfront cost of solar isas low as it’s ever been,  and net metering agreements also allow utilities to purchase back any excess energy that is generated by commercial solar, making commercial solar systems a savvy modern day investment.


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Now is a better time than ever to install commercial solar panels for your home, as technological advancements and net metering allow prices to be more affordable than before. SEM Power are top Florida solar installers. Contact SEM Power today for your solar installation needs!

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