When people think about solar panels, they usually think about residential homes and how it helps save money on electric bills, but it’s not too often that people think about commercial solar power and how it can help better your business. The reason solar power is more often associated with residential properties is that more people own homes than they do companies. However, solar panel companies in Florida are looking to change the conversation. Especially, SEM Power in Florida, they want to make sure that business owners have all of the information they need to make the best decision possible for their company and the environment!


How Does Commercial Solar Power Work?

According to the experts at solar companies in Florida, many owners base the decision on going solar for their companies on what the upfront costs will be, what their long-term savings will add up to, as well as being able to guarantee a positive return on investment. Although, it’s an added bonus to be able to help the environment that alone is not going to convince businesses to add solar panels.


One of the first things you should understand about the difference between commercial and residential energy is that a home may be empty for a majority of the day so not a lot of electricity is being used and then when people are sleeping, again there isn’t a lot of electricity. However, a commercial property is typically using energy for most of the day and even into the night. Even if an office is closed at night, there is energy being used through computers, heat, air conditioning, and other appliances. Another difference is that when you’re at home chances are there are only a few plugged-in devices pulling energy from the grid, but in a business, there could be hundreds of people all pulling from the grid! By adding solar panels to your office building, your employees and devices will no longer be pulling from the grid, but from your organization’s own solar production. This may enable your business to save drastically on your electric bill depending on the amount of energy you’re able to produce and how much you use on average. 


When you’re looking into solar panels for your business, it is important to know that solar loans are not available to corporate customers, but there are also Power Purchase Agreements. However, it’s also important to note that this may not be the most cost-saving option. The best way, without a doubt, for your company to get the most for its investment, is to purchase your solar system outright. The reason this is the best way to add solar panels is that you won’t be required to pay anyone for the energy you are producing and using when it comes to the return on investment, which is a significant concern for businesses. Data has proven that companies have been able to reduce their utility bills by seventy-five percent every both!


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