Are you interested in finding new and attractive financing options to refurbish a commercial establishment or residence? Then, you need to know how switching to green and eco-friendly technologies is the right answer to the question. Through SEM Power, an expert company operating in Florida (actually located in Tampa) since 2003, you can buy solar panels from one of the leading solar energy companies Florida locals trust. In the process, you are eligible to obtain an exciting financing alternative that will not only add value to your state property but also will be helping the community by reducing the carbon footprint. Below, you are going to see the steps involved in this practical solution, understanding how the financing system works. 


Why Switching to Solar Panels Is a Good Idea?

There are a variety of reasons that should make you want to switch to solar panels and see it as an excellent business opportunity not to be passed.

  • Cut down the electricity bill 
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Access to tax exemptions
  • Show commitment to sustainability
  • Lower the carbon footprint 
  • Gain partial independence from fossil fuels
  • Divert the soon to be extra money to a new use.


If you want to move forward and own a solar panel in FL, but think the solution is costly, work withSEM Power, one of the expert companies in the field, residing in Florida (actually located in Tampa) offering attractive financing options.


How to Buy Solar Panels and Get Unique Financing Options? 

Among the solar energy companies Florida has under its directory, SEM Power stands out for providing exciting financing alternatives, aligned with the state’s regulations and legislations, that match every budget and project size.


The financing terms set for these three viable acquisition forms:


  • Capital purchase


Do you want to own a solar panel? Yes? Well, this is your opportunity! By making a cash purchase, you get to own the asset and direct access to the Federal investment tax credit, which is healthy for your pocket.   


  • Property assessed clean energy (PACE)


This program also allows you to be the owner of the solar panel, differentiating in the incorporation of a semi-annually payment structure executed through property tax payments, fulfilled in 20, 25, or 30 years.


  • Solar lease


Become the lessor of the solar panel, transferring to a third party (SEM Power) the operations, maintenance, federal tax credit, and depreciation tax benefits. Typically, the lease lasts between 7 to 10 years.


SEM Power brings two financing partners to concrete the deal:

  • Commercial / residential: Dividend
  • Commercial / industrial: BCI, Capital Management Group.


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Turning into one of the leading solar energy companies Florida locals trust takes hard work. That’s why, when it comes to the time to buy solar panels, SEM Power stands out for providing excellent equipment and attractive financing options, suitable to different budgets. The company, which resides in Florida (actually located in Tampa), has been offering solar panel services since 2003. Get in contact today, and you, too, can quickly become a solar panel owner.


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