As solar energy continues to grow in popularity, we continue to learn about all the amazing benefits it provides for our family, home, and environment. While many of us have heard these benefits, many people aren’t considering it a viable way to save money. The truth is, you begin seeing benefits the day you decide to buy solar panels and have them installed. With nearly 50,000 solar panels installed in the state of Florida, you’ll join the long list of residents contributing to sustainable energy. 


Can You Save Money When You Buy Solar Panels?


The short answer is yes!


The moment your solar panels are installed, your home will start to save you money, and it will do so in a variety of ways. One of the most significant ways they’ll save you money is by limiting your dependence on electricity suppliers. Utility bills can run up your monthly budget, but solar panels will immediately reduce those. 


In fact, solar panels will also save you money outside of your utility bills. Not only will Florida residents receive a federal tax credit when they invest in solar panels, but they will also increase the value of your home immediately. When you combine that with the utility savings, families can see savings of anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 over the lifetime of their stay. 


Solar panels even come with the added option of battery technology. With this, you can save the extra solar energy you produce and use it later. This can save you from having to buy energy from the grid during peak times, which can become expensive. 


With so many solar energy companies Florida residents can call, there’s none more trusted than SEM Power. 


Other Ways to Save This Summer


Solar panels aren’t the only way you can save money this summer. Combining your solar efforts with other lifestyle changes can give you the maximum benefit come summertime. 


Keeping your house at a constant temperature will prevent your cooling system from over-working every day. You’ll also want to check for any holes, leaks, or other ways cool air can escape from your home. The more you keep in, the more your cooling system will thank you. 


Other ways you can save include:


  • Utilizing fans as much as possible
  • Spend time outside instead of sitting inside all-day
  • Be mindful of the electricity you use throughout the day
  • Make sure HVAC filters are replaced frequently
  • Dry your clothes the old-fashioned way — outside!


If you’ve been taking these seriously, the next step in your energy-efficient mission is to call solar energy companies Florida locals know and trust. 


Lean on the Solar Energy Companies Florida Residents Trust!


They don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing. With the amount of sunshine residents get to enjoy every year, it’s a no-brainer to take financial advantage of everything it provides for us. When you’re using the sun to power your electricity, run your HVAC system, and heat your water, you won’t have to pay high prices for the fossil fuels we typically use. 


At SEM Power, we’ve been committed to achieving energy independence in Florida since 2003. If you’ve recently decided to buy solar panels or are interested in learning more about the process, contact SEM Power today!


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