If you’re thinking about installing a public or commercial EV car charging station, you’re on the right track to reaping the many benefits that this investment can offer your business.

Here are the top 10 benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging station at your business:

1. The EV charging station will be installed in a convenient location for employees and customers.

2. Having an EV car charging station on property will increase the property value of your company’s real estate

3. Employees are less likely to use gas-powered vehicles because of the availability of electric vehicle chargers on site

4. Office or business owners can gain tax credits for installing an EV charger on site

5. EV charging stations are an investment in the future of transportation

, Top 10 Benefits of Having EV Car Charging Stations in Your Office or Business

6. They can help reduce congestion and air pollution by getting more people to use electric vehicles

7. Offering EV chargers will set your business apart and position your business as an environmentally conscious organization to potential employees

8. You’ll be making it easier for employees, customers, and visitors to charge their vehicles while they’re on site

9. It’s easy to install – you just need space for one parking spot plus the plug-in station (which is usually about 4 feet wide)

10. Your company will save money on fuel costs because electric cars have lower operating costs than gas-powered ones

Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed by many businesses because they know that it is not always possible to have a car charging station at home. Commercial electric vehicle chargers are incredibly as they make life easier for the driver and it means that there will be less traffic on our roads.

Using Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations

If you’re using a commercial EV charger for your business, keep these tips in mind:
Make sure the station is located in a well-lit area, and away from any pedestrian traffic or parking lots. You may want to install security cameras if you’re concerned about theft.
If there are other EV charging stations on site that work with different vehicle models, make sure they’re all compatible with yours before using them.
Be aware of any time restrictions that may apply to the use of the charging station. For instance, some stations are only open during business hours.

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Installing EV Charging Stations

There are a few things to think about when you’re installing a commercial EV charging station. The first is the location. You need to make sure that there is enough space for people to park and charge their cars, and that the charger will be accessible to everyone. It’s also important to consider the power supply – most chargers
The installation process is simple – just make sure you have enough space for one parking spot.

Offering EV charging solutions stations is also a great way to attract and retain employees. Commercial electric car chargers can reduce your carbon footprint, improve air quality, and offer a unique amenity for those that have the ability to charge their vehicle while at work. Commercial EV Charging Station Installation is affordable with rebates from several different organizations including government agencies as well as utilities.

Charge Electric Vehicles With a Chargepoint DC Fast Chargers

ChargePoint CT4000 charging stations offer a range of features that fit any business or property owner. You can set access control by session, time and kWh for your employees’ convenience!

Tax incentives for commercial charging stations

Commercial charging stations are eligible for the federal tax credit of up to 30 percent; you can also find incentives from state and local organizations.

The US DOE’s Workplace Charging Challenge is offering $400,000 in funding over two years for workplace EV charger installations at businesses across America with 100 or more employees. The program accepts applications on a  rolling basis.

The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) offers a $200 rebate to install Level 2 and DC Fast charging stations for businesses in the county. Charge up! 

In fact, Sarasota’s program will provide certain types of non profit organizations with rebates of 50% (up to a $4,000 maximum)-on their cost when purchasing new publicly available charger installations . Funding is limited though so act fast before it runs out.

Energy usage

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is rated in kilowatts. The amount of charge delivered will depend on your circuit breaker setup. A 50 amp circuit breaker can supply up to 12kW of charging power, while a  40 amp breaker can supply up to 9.6kW.  All Chargepoint CT4000 models installed by SEM Power offer one or two standard SAE J1772™ Level 2 charging ports with locking holsters, each port supplying up to 7.2kW. With this standard connector, ChargePoint level 2 stations can charge any EV.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, improve air quality, and offer a unique amenity for those that have the ability to charge their vehicle while at work, then EV charging stations are a great option.

Cost Effective Solution

Commercial EV charging stations can be installed quickly and easily with rebates available from several different organizations as well as government agencies, utilities and other private companies that want to encourage the use of clean energy options in your business or office space. Installing EV charging stations is affordable because of these rebates along with offering an attractive and unique amenity for your business or office. Commercial EV Charging Station Installation is easy to install with rebates available from several different organizations including government agencies as well as utilities, making it an affordable way of attracting employees and customers alike into your business.

We Install Solar Carports For Business With EV Charging Options

At SEM Power, we can install a solar carport with built-in electric vehicle charging stations. For businesses that see frequent patronage and want to attract customers from all over the area , this is an attractive feature for them – both EV outlets as well as eV chargers like the ChargePoint CT4000 . It’s also inexpensive since it’s done during installation so there are no costly upgrades needed later on down the line!

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