Most people today realize that almost nothing is free, no matter how it’s advertised. And even if it is, for example, a free sample, it will still come with pressures of buying something else or luring you into a store to see other products. Always do your research when something is said to be free, and that’s especially true if you hear about free solar panels. Solar companies in Tampa, like SEM Power, can help you get solar panels onto your home without the run around and gimmicks, just efficiency and professionalism!


What “Free” Means

If a salesman is telling you that you can get solar panels installed onto your home for free, this may sound like the best of both worlds: having energy efficiency in your home and not having to pay for it! But the fine print will tell you a different story, unfortunately. What they are ultimately pitching to you is most likely a lease on solar panels or a solar power purchase agreement (PPAs). Through either of these arrangements, a company will install the solar panels onto your roof with no upfront costs, but then charge you the electricity produced through the panels. These offers will potentially still save you money, but not all of them, so be sure to do your research into what best suits your home and your energy bills. And in reality, you don’t technically own the panels on your home, since they are leased to you; the solar company that installed them has ownership of the panels, and charges you for the energy instead. It’s likened to a company building a small power plant onto your roof and selling you its electricity. 


Free Solar Panels And You

You may want solar panels no matter what, as they offer such great environmental and cost reduction benefits. The potential to ditch paying utility bills altogether may be the only reason you’re seeking solar energy, which is completely typical and expected when choosing solar. But just because you want more solar capabilities in your home shouldn’t mean you have to pay for the solar energy produced in your home, either, just to be able to have solar panels on your home. If you are choosing the lease or PPAs method for your solar, ensure you shop around and really look into which solar companies in Tampa are offering these and what they’re deals consist of, as some may provide you with more savings than others. 


If you do feel that you want ownership of your solar panels, there are options available for you regardless of how much you can afford right now. With the offerings of solar leases, it opened up newer opportunities for homeowners to install and start reaping the benefits of energy efficiency without the cost of an arm and a leg. Combine that with decreasing solar installation prices, and you may qualify better than you realized, with many more viable financing options available. One of the best options in solar financing is a solar loan. Similar to a lease, it offers zero-down for a solar installation but gives you ownership of the solar energy system. 


The Bottom Line

If you’re itching to get solar energy into your home, don’t feel like you have to settle for certain offers or pick the first one that comes your way. There are plenty of leasing and buying options for you, including financing and loans that can help you secure the solar energy system you need. Be sure to do your research and homework so you’re prepared to talk deals and terms when the time comes. 


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