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At SEM Power, we’re dedicated to being the leading Florida solar company. We’ve built our reputation on providing exceptional customer service and unbeatable pricing while working hard with homes, businesses, and institutions that make this state so wonderful. To illustrate how much of an impact our work has had for these clients- no matter their size or location – here is a sampling of some recent solar installation projects.

Commercial Rooftop Solar Installation - H&A Farms

SEM Power installed this 400 kW rooftop solar array for H&A Farms located in Apopka, FL. H&A Farms is a blueberry grower owned and operated blueberry packing facility located in Central Florida. The facility has the capacity to pack 4 million pounds, during the roughly nine-week blueberry season.
The lifetime carbon footprint reduction =

Planting 282,955 trees
24,288,000 fewer miles automotive driven
Recycling 38,375 tons of waste instead of sending it to landfill
Displacing annual CO2 electric emissions from 1,377 homes
11,833,374 fewer pounds (5,916.7 tons) of coal burned

Savings over System Life of 25 years:
  • CO2 Saved: 12,144 tons
  • Utility Costs Saved: $3,273,513
Power Specs:
  • 400 kW commercial solar installation
  • 1066 REC Twin Peak Silver Series 375W modules

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, Florida Solar Projects

SEM Power is so excited to be partnering with Florida Brightline! We have been working on installing a solar panel system and wanted to share a few of its features!

, Florida Solar Projects
Power Specs:
  •  26.1 kW system capacity
  •  Integrated lighting
  • Shelter from the weather for commuters
  • Bi-facial solar panels produce light from both sides of the panel (more efficient than regular panels)

Calvary Church - Commercial Solar Installation in Ruskin, Florida

, Florida Solar Projects
SEM Power installed a large 316 kW rooftop solar array for Calvary Church in Ruskin, FL.

This reduced their carbon footprint and saved them on monthly electric bills.

Looking for a reliable and affordable commercial solar installer in Ruskin, Florida? Look no further than Sem Power! We are experts at installing large-scale solar projects throughout Florida.

, Florida Solar Projects
Power Specs:
  • 74kw commercial solar installation
  • 154 – Hanwha Q-Cells 480W panels
  • 77 – Solar Edge-P1101 optimizers
  • 2 – Solar Edge-33.3kUS inverters

Suncoast Credit Union - Tampa, FL

, Florida Solar Projects
, Florida Solar Projects
photo credits: A1A Tampa Bay
To help Suncoast Credit Union reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs, SEM Power installed a rooftop commercial solar panel system on top of their Admin 2 building.

This large-scale installation includes 1215 total Canadian Solar 330w panels, which achieve close to net-zero energy consumption.

Power Specs:
  • 400kw commercial solar installation
  • 1.51 gWh lifetime energy output
  • SolarEdge SE33.3KUS Inverters
  • SolarEdge P700 Optimizers

Solar Farm Installation - Glades RV Resort

SEM Power was contracted with the creation of this 960 kW solar farm at The Glades RV Resort located in Moore Haven, FL.

It was designed to meet the power usage of four-hundred eighty-eight RV sites as well as its buildings, golf course, and restaurant. The facility is roughly the length of two football fields end to end, including end zones and sidelines.

One of the most unique features of this installation is its solar tracking system which helps to maintain high efficiency throughout the day.

, Florida Solar Projects

The Glades RV Resort Solar Farm

Power Specs:
  • 960 kW commercial solar installation
  • 2 main arrays
  • 2,400 modules
, Florida Solar Projects

Commercial Solar Installation - Custom Mobility

SEM Power partnered with Custom Mobility, a provider of customized manual and power wheelchairs and individualized seating and positioning solutions in Largo, FL. We installed a 251.52 kW solar energy system that cuts down on their commercial energy costs while reducing their ecological footprint.

Power Specs:

  • 251.52 kW commercial solar installation
  • 524 Hanwha Q Cell 480 w modules
  • 262 SolarEdge P960 optimizers
  • 2 SolarEdge P960 inverters

Babcock Ranch solar project: "America's First Solar-Powered Town"

Babcock Ranch is a Florida community built on solar energy. SEM Power partnered with Florida Power and Light to install commercial solar panels on rooftops and shading pavilions, enabling this community to provide power to 50,000 residents through renewable solar energy.

Indian Rocks Beach City Hall

Indian Rocks Beach City Hall is blocks from the white sandy beaches and turquoise warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s west coast. It made sense to harness the power of the sun to power the local government!

Power Specs:

  • 116 Rec 72 Series 450 Watt Modules
  • 52.2 kW Total Output

25 year System Life Savings:


  • 1,600 tons of CO2
  • $228,758 in Utility Costs Saved

Alafia River State Park Solar Panel Project

This 5.25 kW system has been completely donated by SEM Power!The owners and employees of SEM Power can often be found on the expansive 17 mile network of mountain bike trails that disseminate throughout the 6,344 acre park. Previously used as for phosphate mining, the area was turned over to the State in 1966. The depressions and steep hills created as byproducts from mining methods have created an environment rich for two-wheeled exploration. The trails are now meticulously maintained by a group of volunteers.

Power Specs:

  • 21 250w Suniva panels
  • 21 Ephase IQ7 microinverters
  • 5.25 kW Total Output

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, Florida Solar Projects
, Florida Solar Projects
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