You may be hearing a lot about the benefits of solar panels on your home, but don’t know the specifics and whether it may work for your home. Being in the Tampa area, you may be asking yourself: do solar panels save money? And more importantly, will they save money for my house? SEM Power can help you navigate through the costs and benefits of installing panels onto your home, along with completing the installation ourselves! Read on to find out more before you start searching for solar companies near me. 


The Basics of Solar Panels

The climate and state location of your home makes a relatively big difference in your solar panel performance. Obviously living in a cloudy state will drop the amount of energy you’ll produce, but you’ll still receive many great benefits from the panels themselves. Simply put, solar panels generate energy by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, producing a flow of electricity. The number one money saving benefit of solar panels is reducing your energy bills every month, year after year, as they’ll be engineering electricity during all sunny periods.    


And if you’re experiencing a high level of sunshine, or the day ends up cloudy, you have the capability to store your solar energy for later use. This can dramatically help in those cases where you may not have constant sunshine or want to fully take advantage of those sun rays. There are certain states and cities that offer great incentives if you go solar as well, including tax exemptions, federal tax credits and more. Another benefit to solar panels down the road is their aid in improving your resale value of your home. Having solar panels increases the value of your home, helping to offset cost of installation. 


How Do Solar Panels Save Money?

We’ve talked about the overarching benefits to solar, but how can you maximize those benefits to really get the most out of your solar energy? Two major contributing factors to getting the most out of your solar panels may surprise you, but they involve your roof’s orientation and tilt. 


The azimuth angle, or the direction your roof faces, is the biggest factor to take into consideration with maximizing your solar benefits. The direction determines how much sunshine your home will receive right from the get go, and how you can try to boost it, depending on which direction your roof ends up facing. To fully benefit from those sunny days, a south-facing roof will produce the most energy for your home. You will still receive energy from other facing directions of your roof, such as east and west-facing, but they may produce up to twenty percent less energy than if your roof is south-facing. It doesn’t mean you won’t save any money, but these directions of your roof may not get the most out of your solar energy.


The least ideal direction to face is technically north, as the panels will need to be specially mounted to receive the sunshine from a different angle. If your roof happens to be north-facing, search for a solar company near me and talk to a solar panel technician about what might work best for you. There are ground mounting and garage solar panel options available as well, which may generate more energy for your home than going exclusively with north-facing panels.   


Your roof’s tilt will determine the angle of the solar panels, which can make an impact on amplifying your energy benefits. Pitch angles from 30 to 45 degrees usually work well for most situations. But typically, to get the most out of your panels, they should sit on your roof at an angle that’s equal to the latitude of where it’s installed. 


Overall Benefits Of Solar Panels

If you’re already searching for solar companies near me, you’ve got the right idea! The financial and environmental benefits of solar panels are quite vast, and taking advantage now can save you hundreds if not thousands over the lifetime of your solar panels. The overall cost savings to you will depend on how much you’re already spending on your energy bills, along with all the other great benefits of decreasing energy usage, going more “green”, adding resale value to your home and potentially receiving tax breaks from the installation. And that doesn’t even include maximizing your solar energy by ensuring a great roof direction and tilt.  


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