You may already be familiar with solar panels and their many benefits for your home. While it may seem that you can install them yourself fairly easily as long as you follow the correct steps and ensure your house is coded and ready for the solar panel installation, there are many several reasons to hire a professional solar installation company to complete your solar project.SEM Power is the trusted Tampa solar installers around, offering quality solar panels and financing for your next solar system. With over 17 years of experience in Tampa, Florida, we are the go-to for residential and commercial solar system installation.  


First Steps

DIY installation is not as easy as just ordering a solar panel system and then putting the pieces together onto your roof, there are a lot more steps involved than that, although the process is becoming easier and easier as time goes by. Installing a solar energy system yourself can result in massive, expensive damage to your roof. But when deciding on solar, you will have two main questions to answer: How big of a solar panel system will I need? And How much will it cost?  Knowing the proper size of the panels needed for your home is an important step that will help offset any of the costs of the system so you can start reaping the benefits of the panels as soon as possible. There are home-size calculator websites that can help you along with figuring these steps out, and helping you decide on the right size for your home without turning to professional Tampa solar installers.  


Solar Panel Installation

Before any installation happens, you will have to obtain the proper permit(s) in order to move forward. You may also have inspections on your home to ensure the installation is doable on your property, and it’s vital to get both of these steps done before any of the DIY work begins. Just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you should cut corners in the installation process either. You won’t need a long list of power tools, either, just a good electric drill as most of the installation will be assembling prefabricated parts and driving lag bolts into place. Unless your solar system will be installed on the ground, you will need to be on your roof for a good one to two days for multiple hours at a time, and should have yourself properly secured for safety measures while up there. When the panels are up and ready to go, you should hire an electrician to come out and hook the panels up to the house’s electricity, as even professional Tampa solar installers hire electricians for this crucial step. If your system is grid-tied, then the utility company will finish up any other details, and if you have an off-grid system, that should be the last step and you’re good to go.


So why do most people hire out the installation of solar panels? There can be multiple factors in these situations, anywhere from the homeowner not having the time to thinking it is more complicated than it actually is. But keep in mind that it’s not just the installation that the solar company takes care of; they are also the ones who seek the permits and inspections necessary for the installation to get approved, as well as checking any codes for state specific issues. They also apply for rebates and credits, design the entire system specific to your house size and budget, and order all the necessary parts. That isn’t to say that you also cannot complete all these steps as well, just be aware and make sure you are following all the necessary steps, precautions and safety measures necessary to ensure a good, solid solar installation.        


Good Luck!

Everyone who completes a task or project by doing it themselves knows the fun involved, but also the potential for some confusion going through so many steps. There are many books and websites devoted to helping DIY’ers navigate all the choices and steps in solar installation. There are resources that will list all the rebates and tax credits available state by state, as well as comprehensive books about the entire process from start to finish on picking and installing a solar system. And nothing states that you can’t hire a solar technician to help with some of the process, if you need assistance but not throughout the entire project. 


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