Any project that deals with directional drilling is a major project that you want to go smoothly and accomplish all of your goals. There are certain things to keep in mind before you start a project. Read on to learn more about issues to be aware of before you start your project. SEM Power is one of the top solar panel companies in Florida with many years of experience in the field. Call SEM Power in Tampa for your drilling needs today!


Issues To Keep In Mind Before You Start A Project


Here are some big issues that we often see here at SEM Power, one of the top solar panel companies in Florida, to keep in mind when you are starting a project:

  • Soil type and density affects trenchless feasibility and design- Soil type has a huge impact on the feasibility of an HDD installation and the placement of the HDD alignment and profile. Gravelly soils, for example, will necessitate design and construction mitigation measures, or may cause an HDD installation to be infeasible. There are mitigation techniques if the gravelly soils are located within a reasonable distance of the surface, but if the entire subsurface profile is made up of gravel, HDD is generally not the best pipeline installation method. Trying to install HDD in gravelly soils could end up causing significant unanticipated costs, or failure of the HDD. This means that it is key to understand subsurface conditions prior to soliciting bids for an HDD installation. A soil type that is unfavorable may be mitigated through adjusting the pipeline alignment, implementing mitigation techniques, designing the HDD profile to avoid risky subsurface soil conditions, and planning a conservative pipe radius to account for steering difficulties throughout construction. 
  • Understanding installation forces and operational stresses- It is imperative to understand installation forces (pullback force) and operational stresses when it comes to contractor planning and pipeline safety. Carefully analyze your HDD alignment and profile in order to lower installation forces to the extent practical and to make sure your pipeline operates safely within specified tolerances stipulated by the applicable pipeline design codes. A pipe of given diameter, material, and wall thickness, for example, is only able to bend so much before it fails. You need to keep in mind these factors when designing horizontal and/or vertical curves for an HDD alignment and profile carefully prior to an HDD installation in order to not overstress the product pipe and damage it. 


Directional Drilling Issues To Keep In Mind


  • Change orders are expensive- Construction change orders for subsurface surprises (soil conditions, groundwater conditions, utilities) happen often and cost a lot. Having a pre-struction HDD design study done can often pay for itself by lessening surprises and informing accurate bidding documents to provide more consistent bid outcomes.
  • Field observation assists outcome and can be useful in a dispute or claim-  You may want to increase your level of field observation throughout construction to make sure that your contractor follows your specifications, increases the probability of a successful HDD installation, and provides documentation that is useful in the event of a dispute. A qualified trenchless expert is able to pinpoint HDD construction related areas of concern, offer recommendations to reduce the possibility of construction delays or bad outcomes, and increase the probability that the installation will be a success. 


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SEM Power is one of the top solar panel companies in Florida. Call SEM Power in Tampa for your directional drilling needs today!