So you’ve decided to switch your home or business to solar power. What happens next? Your solar installation will start with an inspection of the site, be it your house or your business, learning where and how to connect the inverter to the rest of your electrical appliances, as well as any potential obstacles. Often, the necessary wires and electrical conduits must be installed underground. But you probably don’t want us digging up your yard, or even worse, your house. That’s where a directional boring contractor comes in. If you’re looking through solar companies in Florida, SEM Power is the one that utilizes all of the latest technology to power your home and install our systems.

What Directional Boring Accomplishes

The primary benefit of directional boring is that it allows you to install pipes and electrical conduit into the ground, without actually having to dig up the space above it for installation, while avoiding potential roadblocks for the piping. But how is this done? Let’s break it down.

The directional boring process starts with a survey of the site: where are there existing utilities in the ground that the conduit needs to avoid? What is the soil like? Are we going under a road, sidewalk or building? Where is a good exit point? Various methods are used to mark obstacles and establish a path for drilling.

Next, the entry and exit pits are excavated. Then drilling begins. With extra drill rods added throughout the process as needed (to extend the length of the drill), the drill operator steers the drill, using a tracking device in the drill head, through the established path. Once the drill has made it to the exit point, the piping or electrical conduit is attached to the drill and the whole thing is essentially pulled back through the same path, installing the conduit piping. Before being sent back, however, a reamer is attached to the front to carve a bigger path that better fits the piping. All the while, bore mud is pumped out through the drill rods to fill the space around the pipe and lubricate its passage.

Why SEM Power Uses a Directional Boring Contractor

Not all solar panel companies in Florida use directional boring, but it is the most efficient method for installation. Without this technology, the installation process of your solar systems would be much lengthier and messier, as we would have to dig up the ground, lay the electrical conduit, and cover it all back up. And this assumes there aren’t any hazards to be discovered or that we’ll need to get underneath the building. SEM Power has carefully watched and kept up with the way the solar power industry has been constantly evolving. We strive to use only the most innovative technology to get your home powered in the safest, quickest way.

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That’s why SEM Power has a certified directional boring contractor on hand, so that we can handle any installation job, no matter the challenge. So if you’re looking for solar panel companies in Florida, you can trust our years of experience and expertise. Call us now.