Most people can’t wait for summer: no school for children, multiple vacations for adults, and beautiful, sunny days! Everyone can agree that a day sunbathing is a day well spent. But when those sunny, warm days add up, it can put a damper on your mood with your increasing energy costs. Your air conditioner will be pulling double duty these next few months, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your hard earned cash on higher bills. Make the switch to solar with SEM Power in Tampa, Florida, to help with those bills. Solar power has many advantages just waiting to help you out this summer!

Hot Tin Roof?

On top of saving you other utility costs, solar panels help to absorb a lot of the heat that’s beating down on to your roof everyday. Most houses’ cooling is used to simply stave off any additional sunshine onto your property, thus having panels on your roof diverts the energy being used to keep it cool. The panels will absorb almost 40% of the heat that shines down on your roof, saving a ton on your cooling bills. This also translates to the roof being cooler itself, typically around five degrees cooler where there are panels covering it. This decreases the amount of energy your cooling unit will need to use to keep your house at an optimal temperature.

Reducing Cooling Expenses

The solar panels themselves do a tremendous job on cutting back on how much you’re spending on usual utility bills, helping you to save even more! The panels can help draw some of the power being used to cool your home from the system itself, saving you more money. Instead of using all your air conditioners and pulling power from the grid and thus, your utility company, the solar panels can pull from the energy they accumulated while soaking up the sun on your roof. This in turn leaves you less dependent on the grid and able to produce and use some of your own energy. The energy usage depends on what kind of system you already have in your home, and how many solar panels you install on your home and where they face. The solar energy produced may even be able to completely power your home! The solar power advantages are nearly endless.

Net Metering & Cooling Expenses

Depending on your energy use, you may even produce more energy than you can use in one day. Solar energy installations vary by what you want to accomplish in your home, and how much the solar panels can help you achieve this goal. If you get a solar battery along with your solar panel installation, you can save the energy pulled in a day that you didn’t use for later use, or even when you experience a power outage. If your solar energy is on-grid, then you can also enjoy net metering. This method involves sending the energy you produced but didn’t use back to the grid, and receive credits for the energy you’re contributing. These credits can be used for when you do have to rely on the grid for energy use, which will help you save more if you do experience a month of extra usage.

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