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High-Efficiency Commercial Solar Installations for Business, Government, Schools and More

Reduce Your Business Energy Costs with Commercial Solar from SEM Power

Utility bills represent 30% of the operating cost for most businesses. SEM Power will help your business reduce energy expenses by integrating commercial solar power systems into your energy strategy. With the right plan in place, your cost will be controlled, and you will benefit from a guaranteed return on investment. Start paying your business today and avoid increasing energy costs.

SEM Power provides solar panel installation solutions to help companies generate their own power and gain energy independence.

We make the transition to solar simple! We have the proven commercial solar installation experience your business needs to meet your energy independence goal. We have installed thousands of solar systems across the sunshine state.

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Why should businesses go solar?

As solar technologies are advancing, many business owners have realized that it offers economic and environmentally based solutions. Several major retailers, including Target and Walmart have embraced large-scale commercial solar to power their distribution centers, reduce their carbon footprint, and save on their electric bill. Investing in commercial solar energy offers superior returns and longer paybacks in comparison to most private solar panels.

, Commercial Solar System Installers

Does commercial solar power really work?

According to certain estimates, the average small business uses between 15,000 kWh and 25,000 kWh of electricity per year to maintain their operations. By installing a commercial solar energy system for your business, you will have predictable energy costs that are stabilized and controlled for the life of the system.
What’s more, federal and state tax credits and cash rebates can typically lower your solar installation costs up to 45 percent.

See how such a commercial solar energy system can offer great benefits at an affordable price point. Further, the savings might even increase when you sell power to the electrical supplier. Call one of our commercial solar experts from SEM Power for more information on how to reduce your commercial utility bill through solar.

How much can your business save with solar?

monthly amount you spend on energy, the amount of solar that can be installed at your business, the production potential of the system, the utility your facility is in, and the incentives (tax credits) you take advantage of.
With enough area for solar, a business can offset all their electric bills. SEM Power will work with you to evaluate your bills and the other factors to consider, then propose the optimal system size that is tailored specifically to meet your energy needs.

, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers

Commercial Solar Financing Solutions

Your Solar Panel Installation Just Became Easier

SEM Power maximizes your resources through commercial solar financing and lease options. Solar and Battery Energy storage financing solutions exist for every budget and organization type. No matter the size of your project, SEM Power has you covered with our extensive solar financing solutions and lending partners.

Capital Purchase

For companies interested in owning a solar system, a cash purchase has a high return on investment and allows the business to take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Capital purchases offer the greatest advantage in all tax incentives. Qualifying companies’ systems can be purchased at nearly a 60% reduction in cost; making an investment in solar that’s hard to pass up.

Our Solar Installation Financing Partners

Commercial / Industrial

, Commercial Solar System Installers

Commercial / Residential

, Commercial Solar System Installers

Commercial / Industrial / Residential

, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System – (MACRS)

The Tax Reform Bill modifies bonus depreciation under Code Section 168(k) to allow 100% expense for property placed in service after September 27, 2017 and before January 1, 2023. By increasing bonus depreciation to 100 percent, the new tax bill essentially allows eligible entities to deduct the entire allowable tax basis of the system in the first year of operation.

Under the federal Modified Cost Recovery System (MACRS), businesses may recover investments in certain property through depreciation deductions. MACRS establishes a lifespan for various types of property over which the property may be depreciated. For PV systems, the taxable basis of the equipment must be reduced by 50% of any federal tax credits associated with the system.

Tampa FL Commercial Solar Installers

SEM Power has a team of experts trained with the most advanced technology in commercial solar power systems. We began operating in 2009 and our commercial portfolio includes some of the largest photo-voltaic plants designed and constructed in Florida and the Caribbean. Furthermore, SEM Power provides an industry leading service and support team for the ongoing operations and maintenance of existing solar plants. Finally, as one of the leading residential EPC providers in Florida, we have earned our reputation for the highest quality.

Commercial Solar Benefits

, Commercial Solar System Installers


Prior to purchasing your system, we will provide a year-by-year breakdown of estimated savings. With strong manufacturers warranties and our system production guarantee, your solar investment and anticipated savings are extremely reliable and predictable.

, Commercial Solar System Installers


We also provide several flexible financing options to meet your needs, and our team consults on how to best take advantage of any tax breaks or incentives. Because solar energy has significantly reduced the amount of energy needed by businesses, they can afford it, even though they may be partially funded. Let our experts help you get your commercial solar power system up and running.

, Commercial Solar System Installers


In addition to the significant savings with going solar, your business can show off your commitment to sustainability. You will be able to promote your solar investment on your website, by contacting local media and other marketing strategies. SEM offers additional marketing consultation from ribbon cutting events to professional aerial footage.

Commercial Energy Storage and System Monitoring

, Commercial Solar System Installers

Track your savings in real time

Through advanced data monitoring software you can view your energy system performance in real time. Our partnerships with solar technology companies like Enphase Energy, SolarEdge, and SMA Solar enables you to monitor your solar array in real-time using a mobile app. You also receive monthly reports via email that summarize your energy production. The app allows you to see the effect of weather patterns and easily pinpoint production issues.

Prepare for power outages

Reliable and Affordable Power When You Need It

SEM Power will help your company maintain an edge over your  competition. A robust commercial solar panel system, combined with energy storage functionality will ensure that your business experiences minimal disruption  in the event of power outages due to major storms. Our  solar energy industry professionals possess decades of combined experience to install and maintain energy efficient networks based on solar power. Our mission is to design and install an affordable power-resource technology based on sustainable solar energy. Let us help you find solar solutions for your company’s needs in terms of energy efficiency.

Lasting Energy partnership

It is critical that you choose a trusted partner who will be around for the next 25 to 30 years. SEM is committed to be your successful energy partner guaranteeing your solar project performs for the life of the system.

Call Today to Go Solar

, Commercial Solar System Installers

Engineering and Design Services

Our experience designing utility-scale solar energy systems are unmatched. We deliver the most cost-efficient, construction-ready plans that ensure peak production and reliability over the long term. Our engineers evaluate the distinct complexities and challenges of each project and work with our project managers in the refinement of detailed installation plans.

Solar EPC Services

Our solar engineering, procurement, and construction services provide turnkey solar energy system design and installation for large-scale commercial solar installation projects. We handle every step of the process, from system design to procuring solar materials to installation. We also perform consistent maintenance to ensure your solar energy system performs at the highest efficiency standards.

SEM Power provides complete project screening and due diligence services for all projects including:

, Commercial Solar System Installers

Site Assessment and Feasibility

The first phase in our process includes understanding our client’s goals and analyzing their power usage patterns. We complete a full audit of the site and evaluate all the considerations up front to ensure the site’s potential for effective solar and battery solutions.

, Commercial Solar System Installers

Design and Engineering

SEM Power will deliver a preliminary proposal with design and component plans as well as a thorough financial analysis including the financial rate of return. Factored into the numbers is an outline of all the available incentives, credits and power buy-back programs for which our clients may be eligible.

, Commercial Solar System Installers


Identifying the products that meet the demands of our clients’ objectives is critical to our success. Our first-hand experience with a large variety of equipment ensures that we can guide our clients in making optimal product decisions. Our relationships with suppliers guarantee competitive pricing and access to the best equipment and material.

, Commercial Solar System Installers


The accredited and experienced SEM Power installation teams bring a highly successful track record of delivering on time, on budget completed projects which adhere to the highest standards in safety and quality. Our in-house team manages all on-site activity including permitting, site-prep, construction, interconnection, and commissioning. 

Solar Operations and Management Services

We’re experts at managing large-scale commercial and industrial solar energy projects throughout Florida.

SEM Power is the first choice of commercial and utility-scale solar system owners for operating and maintaining their projects. Asset owners choose us because of our highly skilled electrical staff, operational performance, service price, and our dedication to our clients’ satisfaction.

  • Spend less time managing assets, let the pros watch over your system
  • Generate more revenue per kW installed
  • Peace of mind knowing SEM Power has class leading solar and storage expertise.
, Commercial Solar System Installers

If you’re looking for the best Florida commercial solar power installer , you have landed on the right place. System owners and asset managers choose SEM Power because they make more revenue per kWh, spend less time managing their assets and benefit from 30 years of solar expertise. SEM Power is the first choice of commercial and utility-scale solar system owners for operating and maintaining their projects. Asset owners choose us because of our highly skilled electrical staff, operational performance, service price, not to mention the talent of the rest of SEM’s engineering staff.

Our Partners: Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers

SEM Power is a leading commercial and utility-scale solar company. With over 30 years of experience in the construction technology and solar electricity fields, we've created long-lasting partnerships with well-known solar energy equipment companies.

, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers

SEM Power is the go to choice for Solar Power Equipment Distribution Companies!

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, Commercial Solar System Installers
, Commercial Solar System Installers

Solar Utility Partnerships

Florida Commercial Solar Companies Near Me

We are committed to keeping Florida a beautiful place. Our partnerships with utility companies have helped power local communities with innovative structures like parking canopies, recreation centers, and solar trees using our state’s own sunshine for emissions-free power generation that benefits everyone.


Here are some examples of our utility services capabilities:


  • Below grade civil, electric and grounding
  • Above grade structure and equipment installation
  • Testing support – commissioning
  • Maintenance

Distributed Generation

  • Transmission and distribution services
  • Maintenance
  • New construction and rebuild
  • Cast-in-place manholes and vaults – new construction and complete replacement
  • Cable pulling and splicing
  • Conductor Installation & Replacement

Save on energy costs with our commercial solar panels from the best solar company in Florida.

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